Friday, July 24, 2009


is it IMPOSSIBLE not to eat the cookie dough?

Yesterday Ellie and I made oatmeal cookies. The recipe only called for butter and 1 egg. The eggs are fresh from a dude Chris works with and have been in our fridge awhile. They could be suspect.

I ate the dough anyway.

And I ate it all sneaky cause I don't want Ellie eating suspect cookie dough (when do you let kids eat raw dough anyway? E hasn't yet).

I looked pathetic, curled in the corner with my wooden spoon, trying to hide my bad habit.

"What are you doing Mom?"
"What? uh, um, nothing, it's nothing! Just look away!" as I pull the bowl and spoon closer.

We shall see how suspect those eggs are.


paige said...

you feed your kid the dough before you put the eggs in...or, when they get old enough...they make their own dough, leaving out the eggs and sit and eat the bowl themselves...honestly, happened yesterday!!

C. Beth said...

Or, if you're like me, you take the risk and let even your 15-month-old eat the dough (or lick the brownie spatula in our case, just this week). I remember when I was pregnant, reading about raw eggs and finding out how incredibly RARE salmonella is, in today's eggs. So, I eat it myself, and I let them eat it. Hopefully that practice won't come back to bite us some day!

(Really, did you eat cookie dough as a kid? I did, plenty of times. And NO ONE in my family ever, to my knowledge, got sick from it! I know, that's just anectodal evidence, but still...statistics are on my side too!)

Izz!! <3 said...

It's true yesterday i made cookiedough and i added milk instead of eggs and i just ate it IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good!!!!!! I do it every once in a while...

forever folding laundry said...

Ha - I love how you told her to look away. Too funny!

(I have a great recipe for cookie dough truffles that don't have any raw egg. Sounds pretty good right about now. Maybe I'll post it one of these days soon!)