Monday, February 2, 2009


We had a nice evening watching the game, even though the best team DID NOT win. Oh well.

Ellie and her bestie, Izzy. E adores Iz and wants to do everything Izzy does.

Me and Izzy. I love this kid.

The spread. Yeah. I overate.

Ellie by the fire. They always have a fire. I love it there.

Ellie and I toasting our backs.

Next year, it's all about the COLTS!


C. Beth said...


We have those PJs for Zoodle, but in red. Love them!!

Isabella said...

I love all of u guys too!! I was stuck in the chairfor like 5 min. with Ellie's legs on top of me!!!!

Isabella said...

I love u guys too!! I was stuck in that chair with Ellie on top of me for like 5 min!!!