Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 good books

My book club chose East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I happened to have this one on my shelf because I have been wanting to read it for years (because my mother always said I should.) I am only about 150 pages in, but it is really good. I have been to the Salinas valley so I totally understand the discriptions of it. A beautiful place, and so far, beautifully written. Can't wait to see what happens! A warning starts a little slow. Very, very descriptive. I enjoy a good descriptive book, but, holy moly, this one takes it to the limit!
I happened to run across this book at the library and immediately picked it up. My Grandpa Ross was a milkman and my mom always told me stories about how she would go on his route with him and how it was their "thing." It is a simple book about a small town milkman making his rounds. Very sweet. It has a nice little rhyme to it and for some reason, I love books that rhyme. After reading it I discovered that it has both Ellie and Chris' names in it. Yeah. We will be buying this book. I love it! Ellie wants to read it every day at nap and bedtime.
What are your kids' favorites these days?


forever folding laundry said...

Colin is into the Froggy books right now. This phase all started when we read book that contained the word 'underwear'. He has been a fan ever since.

Shannon said...

Jaden is OBSESSED with Arthur books!! She names all the characters and points out little things in the books like "ball" and "cookie". I LOVE that she is so into books (I'm addicted to reading)!

Sheila said...

Loretta is just obsessed with books. She loves them! Unfortunately she is a bit limited since all her books are in America.