Friday, February 20, 2009

atta girl!

We made a trek to the mall yesterday cause Mama needs some clothes for Vegas (more to come on that on another post)! Of course, Ellie got her fair share of playing.

Queen of the Slide

She calls this the "Help Me" game. See how blurry she is. She is super fast!

And another proud moment indeed. This probably makes me a terrible parent, but when Ellie asked if she could have a sip of my Carmel Light Frappachino, I said yes. Unfortunately, she liked it. Like mommy like daughter. For those parents out there thinking "how could she??", she just had 2 little sips and she usually doesn't drink anthing other than milk or water.

As for clothing, got 3 shirts and a necklace at Express, 2 of which were on the 40% off the lowest ticketed price. Score. Now I just need some new comfortable sandles to wear and I am all set. Well, and maybe some kind of "hot mama" outfit. I don't have many of those...


Sheila said...

Love the pictures! :) Loretta loves the slide. I don't think your a bad parent for letting her try your drink. ;)

C. Beth said...

Chickie LOVES coffee. I don't know if she's tried it black, but she likes it with milk--even without sugar. (Of course a sugary coffee drink is right up her alley too!) I drink decaf so sometimes I let her have more than just a couple of sips. :)