Monday, February 23, 2009

a birthday weekend

My hubby had a birthday yesterday and in honor of that, the top 10 reasons why I love him.

10. He always gives me the first sip of his pop.
9. He always turns the butt warmer on my side of the car on before I get in.
8. He makes great scrambled eggs.
7. He will happily change a poopy diaper.
6. I never have to drive when we are together.
5. He rubs my feet everynight and know exaclty how hard I like my back scratched.
4. He is very supportive in anything I want to do and wants me to take care of me, however that may be.
3. He comes home every night and plays with Ellie to give me a break!
2. He is really, really handsome.
1. He is my best friend.

We had a great weekend. We had dinner with Paige and Ken on Saturday at a great restaurant (Boulevard Blue for those of you around here) and then brunch with Jeff and Megan on Sunday. Happy Birthday Baby! I love you!

In another note, seeing the below pic, should I be worried? I hate high heels and will wear them only when necessary. She wanted to wear them all weekend!

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Happy belated Birthday to your husband!

Love the picture of her in the heels.