Sunday, February 1, 2009

ode to snow

I remember in November you were really fun.
We bundled up and headed out, not even missing the sun.
We played and twirled and threw some balls and then brought out the sled.
Inside felt all warm and toasty, as did our waiting bed.
As December rolled around, you sorta lost your cool.
The only ones who still liked you were the ones who were missing school.
Now you are just in the way, with your drifts, and ice, and piles.
When I look outside, I see only you for miles and miles.
So go away snow! We mean it now! We are sick of your cold!
We miss the sun, the green, the warm. We miss the colors so bold.
The wall of this house are closing in, we are going insane!
To prove my point, I will tell you now, I would even take rain!
We know it's near, the earth is tilting, the sky will soon be blue.
But until then, the best we can do, is flip our finger at you.


C. Beth said...

Ha!! Love it. I imagine that's how I'd feel too....

Molly said...

hee so funny

forever folding laundry said...


Megan said...

Tia, i love your poem! it is very shel silverstein esque. i think you need to have it published.

Amanda B. said...

Love it! My sentiments exactly. Just couldn't have said it so crafty!

Momza said...

What a cute poem! It'll be spring before you know it! Maybe you could go to your local grocery store or even Home Depot and get a flowering bulb plant to cheer you up!