Saturday, February 7, 2009

she was running!

I am not a runner. Period. I am in awe of anyone who is any good at it. So what did I do today? Well ran a 5K of course! Just for fun!

I have been seriously exercising for the sole purpose of looking good in a bathing suit in Vegas in 3 weeks. A few of my bookclub pals are training for a half-marathon and I was going to go cheer them on at the 5K today and then join them for breakfast. I decided at the last minute that this could be my workout today. And the scary thing is, I liked it. I can't wait to run another one!

Does it matter that I was almost last? No.
Does it matter that I was lapped? No. Well...sorta.
Does it matter that I had to walk some (but not nearly as much as I thought, and mostly due to ice?) No.
Would I have been upset if the older woman in culottes had passed me. Yes. (She didn't)
Am I sore? A little.
Did I enjoy learning more about my friend Rebecca? Yes!
Would I do it again? Yes!

The best thing was, I had taken my camera to take pics of my friends and my friend Nicole (who I was supposed to cheer with, again, so sorry Nicole!) took pics of me!

Here I am signing up last minute.

My friend Rebecca and I before the big race.

Runnin'...notice the ice. Fun. They don't call it the Frostbite 5K for nothing.

Crossing the finish line. I purposely cropped the pic so you couldn't see my time. I mean, I do have some pride.

The gang at breakfast.
It was a good morning.


C. Beth said...


Rebecca said...

Thanks for running with me, I had a great time!! - Rebecca

Molly said...

You should have also photoshopped in a bunch of people behind you! :)

I am MAJOR impressed. I'm still training for my first 5K and haven't done it yet!!!!!!

mommy24girls said...

Congrats, that is my goal for this year also. I have been training on the wii fit till it warms up.

Sheila said...

Congratulations and it looks like you guys had fun!