Wednesday, April 30, 2008

confession time

I am so embarrassed. I lost my cool. There is no other way to say it. Here's what happened...

Ellie was up A LOT Monday night. Not sure what is going on there but it needs to stop. So Tuesday I was exhausted. I don't think I got any sleep. Ellie was tired too which just added to the all around tension and crabbiness in the house. All day long Ellie was just not listening and purposefully doing things she knows she shouldn't, and talking my ear off. In other words, she was being 2. I should mention that when she talks, you must let her know that you understand everything she says by repeating it, or she will keep saying it. This sounds like no big deal but it is really tiring. An example below:

Ellie - "I hears hairpain"

Me - busy doing something else

Ellie "I hears hairpain"

Me - still not paying attention

Ellie " Mommy! I hears hairpain!!"

Me - "You hear an airplane? Wow!"

Ellie - "Wow!"

This goes on all day long.

Chris called and asked if we wanted to meet for dinner. I thought that was a great idea because I wouldn't have to cook. But to get to dinner, I had to change Ellie (she was filthy), finish up the 14 projects I had going and get to the restaurant in 20 minutes. Slightly stressful.

As I was changing Ellie's diaper she saw a stuffed pig she wanted (we are very big on taking things when we go out now, drives me batty), so I get the pig and as I pull it down another pig falls down too. Now Ellie wants to take both pigs. I tell her we are just going to take one pig and all hell breaks loose. She lost it. I was so over the whole day by this point that (here is the embarrasing part) I threw it at her. Officially the worst mom ever. Now granted, it landed at her feet and she was just happy to get her way but I knew what I had done and felt horrible. To rub salt in the wound Ellie thanked me for the other pig. I then burst into tears and apologized. I think Ellie thought I was nuts.
As pennance, I posted a super close pic of myself above and you can see that I have crooked nostrils when I smile...

Today has been much better.

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Phil said...

Been there done that. Caden went running into the house to tell on me yesterday.
Bad grandfather. I didn't throw anything at him but you would have thought I had beat him. Longer story but this is your blog.

Is that really you in the picture. lol I look forward to reading your posts each morning.