Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Life

So much for weekly. Ha! I got busy. There was that horrible cold that lasted for 3 weeks and then Easter, then the trip to Indiana, etc...

The trip home was busy! Ellie's nana threw her a birthday party, there was an Easter egg hunt and we went to Jerry's and had Pizza King pizza. What is a trip home without Jerry's? I got a diet cherry coke and a stawberry sundae with chocolate ice cream, thankyouverymuch!
Chris gets what I call "driving delirium" about the last 45 minutes of our long drive home. Drives me absoutely bananas. He talks and whistles and sings and is just altogether annoying. Fun times.

Random thoughts of the day:
I love to go home and I hate to go home. I miss my mom.
Kate from "Jon and Kate + 8 is my hero.
My eyebrows need waxed.
Ellie excused herself after a burp today. So polite.
I am not crafty. At all.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I want to lay claim to the "driving delirium" quote. My lovely wife has plagiarized my saying!