Sunday, April 13, 2008

Candy Molds

Chris, Ellie and I went to the worlds largest candy store today to get molds so I can make homemade suckers for her birthday party favors. They had "It's a girl" molds, and letter and number molds, and elephant molds, and little cap and gown molds, among about 50 others. What they did not have was any mold that had anything to do with birthdays. How is that even possible?

I was so mad.

Ellie has a cold and was coughing all over the candy and Chris was mad that I was taking so long. So what should have been a fun little morning out was a total disaster. I did get some melting chocolate to use in the heart molds I got around Valentines Day. I guess those will have to do.

As a side note, Chris and I watched "Into the Wild" this weekend. Spoiler Alert coming. Stop reading right now if you don't want any more details....

Great movie. Prepare yourself though. He dies at the end. I just want everyone to go into the movie knowing that so they are a little more prepared than I was. It is a true story and I guess I should have known but I didn't. Very sad!

More random Sunday thoughts:

There is still some coffee cake left. Not much, just a little.

Ellie was singing the theme song to "Go, Diego, Go" in her sleep last night. Is that a sign that she is watching too much tv?

I can't wait for Chris to get back with my lunch. I am hungry.

I have a bazillion things to do before Ellie's birthday party Sunday.

Time is flying. My baby is turning 2 :(

I would love to see Tiger make a comeback at the Masters this afternoon.

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