Monday, October 29, 2012

what you see/what you don't see

What you see:
A delightful jack-o-lantern with a delicious pumpkin bowl of oatmeal.
 A quiet rainy Sunday with a cute girl reading from her chapter book.
It was a lovely weekend filled with these things.
What you don't see.
The irritated mom who drags out all the stuff to carve a pumpkin, hoping for a nice family moment.
And getting a kid who spends 12 seconds painting a pumpkin and a husband who disappears into the basement to watch football.
I carved that sucker all alone.
The oatmeal in the pumpkin bowl was not nearly as good as it should have been.
A kid screaming bloody murder 12 seconds before the reading shot because there is nothing "painless" about Compound W.
(She has a wart or 4 on her knee)
The whining and grumpiness happening.
From me.
I just wanted to read my darn book!
But I would like to think that I won't remember those things.
I will only remember these two shots.
And how the good moments of the day far outweighed the irritating ones.

1 comment:

Amber Davis said...

If nothing else at least remind Ellie that you weren't planning on shoving her into said carved pumpkin lol