Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 days of stories - day 11

Day 11: The Story of the Time I Peed like a Boy in Front of Boys...for an Oreo.
I can't believe I am about to tell this story.
Promise me you will still like me.
I was little when this happened.
But old enough to remember.
So maybe, 6?
So not that little.
My Aunt Judy used to watch me.
Her son, Adam, was the bane of my childhood.
He was such a little pistol.
One day he had a bunch of friends over and they were all in the bathroom peeing
(yes, all together, that's weird now that I think about it)
when I walked in to get some kool-aid.
Cause Judy always had kool-aid.
Adam, being his ornery self, said something along the effect of how boys were better than girls because they could pee standing up.
My inner feminist came out and I told him I could do anything he could do.
And do it better!
He bet me an oreo I couldn't pee like a boy.
I thought about it for 2 seconds, looked around at the other boys,
and promptly took off my pants, straddled the toilet, and peed.
Oh. My Gosh.
Did I just write that one here?
I think I did.
Anyhoo, I remember looking around, all proud of myself,
and the boys were crestfallen.
I could pee like a boy!
They had to share their oreos.
Best darn oreo I ever did eat.
Don't think that story doesn't still come up when I go home.
It's a favorite at Thanksgiving.


Shannon said...

Hahahaha!!! Wow, you're good :o) Has Ellie tried this yet??

paige said...

I have never, in my whole life been so proud of you!!! EVER. xoxoxo, P