Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 days of stories: day 18

31 days of stories: day 18

Hello last 7 days.
Where did you go?

The Story of the my First Kitty

Well, technically, my first kitty was Button.
She was all white.
And hated my guts.
Cause I was a young kid.
And probably didn't handle her very well...

Then when I was 7 or 8 we got Tabitha.
Tabby for short.

She was the dinkiest little grey and white thing.
Teeny Tiny.

And cross eyed.
But only at people she didn't like.

Tabby was an indoor/outdoor kitty.
And could jump a mile high.

I also used to push her around in a baby stroller.
And she would let me.
Such a good girl.

She was a horrible mouser.
She would see them in the house
(we did live next to a cornfield, afterall, we had a few mice during harvest...)
and run the other way.

Big baby.

She would cuddle up during tv time.
But preferred Mom's lap to mine.

I remember her best sitting in the sun at the back patio door, looking outside.

She died when I was living in Virginia.
I still miss her.

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