Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 days of stories - day 3

Day 3:  The Crash in the Morning Story
This past Sunday, I was beyond excited that I was going to get to sleep in.
Chris was not home.
Ellie had gone to be late the night before.
It was supposed to rain.
At 6:20 in the AM I hear a huge crash.
I knew Atticus had knocked something over.
I laid (layed?) there for a minute trying to decide if I was going to ignore it or investigate.
I grudgingly investigated.
He had knocked over a vase.
Broken it.
Gotten glass and water everywhere.
I was beyond livid.
Like, not even normal, mad.
I cleaned it up, which took, and headed back to bed.
Just in time for Ellie to wake up.
Cause the crash had woken her up and she had tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't.
That was the fantastic start to my Sunday.
The End.


Shannon said...

Grrr... those pesky cats! We once went through this exact same thing. Only, the vase didn't break and the water not only ruined my placemats, it also caused the placemats to leave a permanent imprint of the pattern on the table.

Jessilyn said...

I would have been mad too. haha I work all week and I look forward to sleeping in. I always go to bed with high hopes that Max will sleep in too. Usually doesn't happen but, those rare days that he is and something wakes him : ( boo!