Monday, May 14, 2012


Another good one in the books.

Except I have a gnarly spring cold.
That is making me all snotty and achy.

Friday I had tea with my girl at school.
It was so sweet.
And she made me a mothers day book, where she informed me I would probably laugh and cry.
 Apparently Chris and I have lots of arguments (not),
 and my favorite tv show is Dance Moms (not!),
 But I redeemed myself by driving the speed limit,
 and singing classical music like a "moovy" star.
Plus I've got some pretty good knockers down there...
I will treasure that book forever and ever and ever.

Saturday morning, we gardened.
And by gardened I mean tore out prickly bushes and planted all kinds of stuff.
I have no idea if any of it will come up...
I hope it does...
 And then we went to the zoo.
 She realized she could read all the signs now and informed me all day of where to go.
Keep Right Mom!
 Sunday we woke up and had a great breakfast at Grumpys and then headed to Chagrin Falls.
 She told me I got to do whatever I wanted for the day, but she sure did hope what I wanted to do was fun for her.
I think we managed to sneak some fun in.

 I had texted my friend who lives there on the off chance they were having a lazy mothers day too.
As luck would have it, they were.
So we stopped by to visit,
and managed to stay the whole day.
They were fantastic hosts and fed us lunch and wine and then we went out for dinner.

I love days where there are no definite plans, but turn out to be perfect.
It was one of those days.


C. Beth said...

LOVE that book@

Shannon said...

Happy Mother's Day! That book is great :o)

Lora said...

Hi Tia... I found your blog through Shannon's blog. I hope you are feeling better. I got a Mother's day book from my son, such a keepsake.