Monday, May 7, 2012

a good walk

A milestone was reached yesterday.
Sister walked her first 9 holes.

We are very fortunate that we have a little par 3 learning center near us.
Kids and slow play are expected and welcomed.
It's a nice little course, very well maintained.

Now, she has played many a round of golf,
but to walk 9 holes, and play every hole, is a pretty big accomplishment for her tiny little legs.

Good thing she had Daddy to carry her clubs when she started to get a little tired...
which happened on hole number 1...
 She likes to be good at what she does.
(Like, she needs to be the best.)
So we told her a little fiblet and said you weren't allowed to keep score in golf until you turned 8.
Yeah. We did.
So we just went out and played and practiced and had fun.

I have always thought Chris should be a coach.
He is so good at explaining what it is you need to tweak to get better in this infernally frustrating sport.
Thank goodness she has him to teach her.

Here is his explaining how to line up a putt.
 And watching her hit...
She played every hole from the 100 yard marker in.
 Watching her shot.
She got some good ones in!
 She was in the sand here.
Chris is telling her where to best hit it.
 She got it out first try.
I was jealous.
I rarely do that...
 We so want her to love this sport like we do.
I have visions of late afternoon rounds with our girl, and when the time comes, Chris and I taking on her and her boyfriend, like we did with my parents.
I can't speak for Chris, but it is hard for me not to push her.
We aren't correcting grip or swing yet.
Just letting her play and have fun.
I signed her up for a little clinic in June.
She is excited.
I am hoping that is a good sign.
I am hoping that by the time she is 12 she can beat the pants off me.
Ok, maybe 15.
I want some time to kick her butt...


C. Beth said...

I think that is so cool! It's great that she is enjoying the sport like you do. And I can totally relate to that whole "I want to PUSH my kid but I'm holding myself back because I don't want them to be too neurotic" thing. :)

shelley c. said...

Can I just tell you how much I love that last picture??? Sounds like a great day!!

Kelle said...

Hot tears. What a beautiful story you just shared. Thank you.

Kelle said...

P.S. She is beautiful, your girl.