Thursday, May 17, 2012

thursday night ramblings

That was the front nine.
I won't even show you the back nine.
Let's just say it went downhill from there.
I think I had a mental brain fart all day.

Chris played bad too.
He is grumpy when he plays bad.
Tis not fun.

Ellie is in the tub and the mere thought of washing and jammies and stories and 13 drinks of water and 24 "oh! one more thing Mommy!s" seems overwhelming tonight.

I know I should relish these moments.
And I 99.9% do.
But all I want tonight is a kid tucked snug in bed,
an unloaded dishwasher,
folded clothes,
popcorn freshly popped,
and to find out who kicks it on Greys.
In one hour this will all be done.
I know this.
Just seems like a long hour.
Sigh.  Again.

She doesn't have school tomorrow and Chris is working late.
We might take our girly selves on a date.
Tis a distinct possibility.

Tis is the word of this blog post apparently.

Brag alert:  Sister skipped two whole reading levels at school.
She's brilliant.

I have been running a lot more.
I hate to say that out loud,
lest I jinx myself,
but there you have it.

I'm hungry.
It's all that running.

Oh. My. Word.
Are you still here?
Are you shaking your head wondering what in the world I am doing?

I am too.

Took Ellie's Toms back.
After 4 wears there were wrecked.
We got Keens instead.
Got bless Nordstrom.
They will take anything back,
with nary a question.

Still reading 50 Shades.
I'm on the third one now.
It's a lot.
I think I am kinda over it.
Paige may never forgive me.
I want to say,
"For Pete's sake Christian!  You have more money than Midas.  Ana loves you.  Accept that and freaking move on.  For real."

Ellie just washed her own hair, cleaned up all her bath toys, unplugged the tub, put on her own jammies, brushed her teeth, and is now singing some song about pigs at the top of her lungs.
I love that girl.
However, her hair may not be entirely clean.
Tonight I don't care.

Ellie had dance tonight and we were supposed to get her costume for the recital.
It didn't come yet.
I am embarrasingly dissappointed.

I think I'm done.


The End.

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Shannon said...

SOOO sad about Grey's!! I'm nervous about that show. With everyone going off to different hospitals, how will it work? Or, will they end up staying at SG? I guess we will wonder all summer!