Monday, May 21, 2012

sunshine and parks and pop ups and monkey bars and strep

It was the best of times,
it was the worst of times...


But we did have an odd duck sorta weekend.

We had Friday off from school,
and sister took advantage by sneaking in our bed for a few more winks.
I love Baby Polar Bear.
I am so glad she has a lovey that is so well loved.
 After our leisurely morning,
we met some friends at the park for a picnic and play.
 Who is this big kid with the long legs?
 We goofed.
 And got a good shot.
 After she had run her ever lovin' heart out, we found a book sale!
Sadly, I didn't buy anything.
The stack of books at home for me to get through is astonishing
(See first pic in this post.  On my night stand is about 1/4 of what I have waiting for me.)
Plus I didn't see anything I had to have.
There was a copy of The Mists of Avalon I almost picked up, but I didn't.
 Then since Daddy was working late and it was Friday and beautiful, we decided that frozen yogurt sounded great for dinner.
Cause we're cool like that.
Get it??
Sister went all out.
Cookies and cream with cookie dough bites, white chocolate chips, and twix.
I got strawberry with reeses cups and hot fudge.
It was yumilicious.
Then we found out all last minute that we had our very first softball practice.
Apparently there were wrong numbers listed on the form.
So we rushed right over and found out that we were not playing tball like we originally thought,
but coach pitched.
She and her friend Natalie are the very youngest on the team.
But she held her own.
Our coach seems fantastic and involved and a lot of fun.
We are going to have a few conflicts with swimming lessons,
and I was all stressed about that, but then I remembered that she is 6.
And it's all fun.
And she's 6.
And it really doesn't matter if she misses a few games or swim lessons.
For the love.
Then that night, when I put her stinky sweaty self in the shower, I found a very strange little lump on her chest, right near her right clavicle on her breast bone.
It was blue and hard and about the size of a small pea.
I calmly freaked out and made an appointment for her the next morning.
I mean, I was "checked on her all night long to make sure she is still breathing" scared.
I seriously had thoughts of a blocked coronary or something equally terrifying.
Apparently they are extremely normal.
It could be a sweat gland.  Or a skin cell.
And she will always have it unless it gets big enough to get bothersome, then she can remove it.
We named him Bumpers.

When we got home from the doctor, we had a few important things to do before we headed out for our next adventure.
First, we had to perform tricks...
(Is this the first good pic of her new playground?  Well if it is, just let me say that Chris and I had a pretty good tiff whilst putting it together.  But that is to be expected, right??)
and then we had to make signs to cheer our friends on the next day in their very first marathon.
After all that hard work was done, we headed to a little "pop up" festival that comes to our neighborhood every year.
She entered a coloring contest...
 got some pink hair...
(that won't wash out!)
 had ice cream with her friend...
 wrote her wish for the neighborhood,
(to see lots of happy people)
 and had an all around good time.
(She is going to be so much fun this summer!)
 That night, Daddy hosted a sleepover (cause he is awesome) and I went out with the girls.
In the middle of the night, during said sleepover, Ellie woke up with fever.
Thankfully, our guest slept right through it.
So for the second day in a row we went to the doctor.
Sorry Nat.
You're probably next.
We missed the race but we sent pictures of the signs we had made...

So this morning, we are relaxing.
She had a random vomit early in the am.
Who the heck knows what that was all about.
She wanted milk directly after.
No way did she get it.
I made her wait an hour.
She still wanted it.
I gave it to her.
So far so good.
I am seriously hoping I don't see it again...


shelley c. said...

Whoa - now there's an upper-downer-upper-whirlwind of a weekend!! Here's hoping for super healthy, super soon, and lots more fun (and froyo!)

Lourdes M said...

Picture #2 - Clone of YOU! OMGosh!!!! So glad you are having such fun.

C. Beth said...

Did you know vomiting can actually be a sign of strep? I didn't know it until Zoodle vomited all over himself on the way to the doctor one day (and was promptly diagnosed with strep.) Doc said the vomiting is common. It was one of the signs to me that Chickie had strep earlier this school year too.