Friday, May 4, 2012


After 3 weeks of constant entertaining, I have relaxed this week.

Relaxed so much that when Chris comes home and says:
"What did you do today?"
My sprawled out self replies:
"Not nearly what I should have."

It's been glorious.

There have been early afternoon naps.
And by naps I mean dozing as I read Fifty Shades of Grey.
Have you read this? 
Holy smutty book Batman! 
I have read a lot of smut in my day, but this one takes the cake. 
 It is absurd. 
And delicious. 
 I don't even know why it is so good. 
The writing is atrocious. 
 But Christian Grey...he just gets under your skin.
Would I be oversharing if I mentioned that it has done wonders for my marriage?
I would?
Then I won't mention that.
There have also been movie dates with myself in the basement.
I like myself.
She is a nice girl.
Add Paiges homemade salsa and myself is in heaven.
 I even whipped out the cream
(heh heh, get it??)
and added a big ol' dollop to my iced afternoon coffee.
 The mornings have been just as nice.
I have gotten myself out of bed earlier than usual.
But not before I laid there for a minute and enjoyed the sunshine.
And then enjoyed some early morning quiet time.
With Scottish oatmeal with blueberries.
 I even snuck out for 18 with my husband.
I am getting better people.
I can feel it coming.
 It hasn't been all fun and games.
The laundry is caught up.
The house is clean.
We ate good healthy meals.
(Hello pan seared scallops with asparagus!)

I even exercised.

We also had homework.
Spelling words.
(Think words like hope, and shop, and pretty, and here, and what.)
And timed math tests and such.
Overall though, it's been a stellar week.

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fleetfeet said...

Clean...ish. LOVE it!