Wednesday, May 9, 2012

crossing my mind

On my jog this morning (and by jog, I mean walk...),
I forgot my headphones.
So I had lots and lots of time to think.

Here are the random thoughts that crossed my mind.

Will I be strong enough to pull out the bushes that need pulling out?
(I have grand plans for my garden.)

Should I have oats or a dipped toast egg for breakfast?
(Oats won.)

Was Ellie dressed "Outback" enough for school?
(Apparently it is Australia day.)

What are the movie times tonight?
(Movie date with a friend, woot!)

Should I make more energy bites?
(I love them, but as they are filled with energy, they are also filled with calories and I can't stop eating them when they are in my fridge.)

Can Miss Colleen babysit this weekend?
(Yes she can!  Date night!!)

Is Chris ok?
(Pulled a muscle playing volleyball last night.  Sadly, we may be getting a titch too old to play basketball in the morning and volleyball at night on the same day...)

Is this darn walk almost over?

Is that dog friendly?

What should I buy that's red for Ellie's teacher?
(Teacher appreciation week: Tomorrow is bring in something red.  I have ideas...)

We really need to redo our landscaping.
(Like, really.)

I could go on and on.  But I am sure by now you are bored out of your gourd.

Happy Wednesday!!

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