Sunday, October 30, 2011


It was a good one.
I won't even go into Friday night yet, cause it was all Halloweenie and I will do a post on all Halloween stuff tomorrow.

Saturday morning found us lingering over breakfast.
 Lots of pancakes, coffee and good conversation.
Someone likes syrup.
 Then we headed out to see what we could see.
We found this little booger at a nature center.
Meanest bird ever.
Ruled his little pen with an iron fist.
 Then we headed into nature a bit.
I still see a little bit of baby here.
I miss the baby.

 We also headed to the beach.
49 degrees.
So what?

 Then we came home and just relaxed.
When Ellie went to bed, we had what we like to call a "basement date."
Beers, movies, pajamas.
All the fun without sitter fees and uncomfortable shoes.
This date even came with flowers.
 Then, this morning there was coffee for two.
And matching jammies.
There were also kitties laying where they shouldn't be.
(He has me wrapped around his cute little orange paw.)
 Then Ellie and I went to church.
Think I have found one I like.
It was nice.
When you grow up very attached to your small country church, it is hard to assimilate into a new one.
But I want Ellie to know Jesus.
So to church we go.
I was welcomed with open arms.
It is a lot like my home church.
Lots of little old ladies.
And tradition.
And familiar hymns.
Chris promises to go next week.

When we got home we decided to carve our pumpkins.
Ellie lasted about a minute and a half before she informed me the smell was going to make her vomit.
 So she became the photographer.
(I don't like the smell either...)

She was being a pumpkin too.
 Then we headed to the park for a little late afternoon energy burn.

Lord I love that girl.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lazy days

Life these days is calm.
And relaxed.
And nice.
Noonie is good.
Ellie is settled into her new routine.

This finds time for coffee dates with friends.
At my house.
I provide coffee, homemade goods, and scintillating conversation.
For a reservation: call, email, or text.
 It also allows time to wage war on the fruit flies.
Internet research led me to this idea.
Hopefully it works.
They drive my husband to distraction.
For some reason, they just really bug him.
Pun intended.
(apple and cooking wine in a bowl with saran wrap over.  poke hole.  they get in.  they cant get out.)
Such a sad way for a honeycrisp to go.
So sorry honeycrisp.
 I also get to stare at the bounty that is our halloween candy.
Every year I am amazed at the $$ spent.
Every year I am amazed that there is none left.
Buy over 400 pieces.
Give out 1 per kid.
We have a crazy halloween neighborhood.
PS.  I think Payday is often overlooked.
Love me some Payday.
 He is very good at keeping me company on these lazy days.
Here he is sporting his "over the shoulder sexy look."
Boyfriend has the "it" factor.
 As an aside, read this book in 3 hours.
Teen fiction.
Great read.
 But I don't just sit around and read all day.
The closets got a good cleaning out yesterday.
I love my house.
Love the built-in's.
Love the old door knobs.
Love the weathered brick.
Hate the closets.
I think they are cruel and unusual punishment.
Just sayin'.
Happy Wednesday!

And a shout out to Roberta!
Didn't know you were reading.
Glad you are!
Hope you are having a great day, friend!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

old haunts

We went home this weekend.
On Sunday, just before we left, I introduced Ellie to a few of my childhood favorites.

I grew up right next to a huge field.
It alternated between corn and beans.
Mom hated the corn years.
It was so hot.
It left no breeze.
But every spring, before planting, we would hit a bucket of golf balls into the field.
And every fall, after harvest, we would go and find them.

Someone is still doing it...
cause we found a boatload today.

I also took her to where I used to have a clubhouse.
It was no longer there.
It was an awesome clubhouse, right next to the railroad tracks.
With a hidden entrance and everything.
We used to play chicken with the trains and put penny's on the tracks to get run over and smushed. Kids these days must not have clubhouses.
Or maybe mothers no longer let their children play 15 feet from a working railroad.
(I mean, seriously.  What was she thinking??)

On our way back to Grandpa's, we stopped and pet the horses.

1.  If there were horses there when I was a kid, I never would have left.
2.  It's kinda weird there are horses there, being in the city limits and all.
3.  I am wishing I had never gone.  Poor things aren't being very well cared for and it is breaking my heart.  She was the sweetest old girl, dying for a little attention.  I could have stayed all day.

I love showing my girl all my childhood haunts.
I want her to know where she came from.

PS.  Doesn't my Noonie look great!?!
We had us a little date on Saturday night.
Just the two of us.
Some Italian food and Starbucks.
Poor man had never had a pumpkin spice latte.
That is just criminal.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today involves:

Rain and coffee and napping kitties.

Laundry and wet leave raking.

Sweat pants until the very last minute.

Stuffed pepper making and candle burning.

Loving these two.

Today involves:

Packing and sorting for a short trip.

Thoughts of Thanksgiving.

Plans for an elaborate "under the sea" themed 'Trunk-or-Treat' decorated car.

Catching up on emails.

Taking Tylenol for a headache and scratchy throat.  Again.

Wondering where in the world this little baby went?

Today involves:

Litter box scooping.

Leftovers for lunch.

Book reading.

Picking up the dry cleaning.

Unloading the dishwasher.

Missing my mother. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

the wedding of the year

I have mentioned Jeff and Megan on here before.
Fantastic people.
Fantastic friends.
They got married this past weekend.
It was non traditional.
And beautiful.
And fun.
And adults only.
And had an open bar.

Izzy spent the night.
I think Ellie was more excited for the whole night than we were.
Thanks, Izzy!

Here we are all gussied up.
I had a glorious up-do.
And somehow forgot to take a picture of it.
 This is a replica of their dog, Scratch.
He was there in spirit.
 The bride and groom exchanging vows.
 Lordy me.
I have beautiful friends.
 I hate dressy shoes.
 This is when the night started to take a turn for the worse.

 Best picture of the night.

There is a video.
An epic video.
Chris won't let me post it.
Every party needs a pooper...

It was the most fun I have had in a long, long time.

Thank you so much to Jeff and Megan for throwing such a fun wedding.
It was just like the two of you.
And easy to love.

PS.  The next day, one of us was hungover and one of us wasn't.
Any guesses??