Friday, September 2, 2011


I have about 2,354 things to do today.
And I am just sitting here perusing the internets.

There are beds to make, and furniture to dust, and bags to pack.
Litter boxes to scoop, laundry to do, and movie times to check.
Showers to take, yards to weed, and dishes to wash.

And I am doing none of it.

And if you are my facebook friend, you know we had a less than stellar evening last night.
Let me break it down for you...

There is a little boy next door.
Sweet kid.
A few years older than Ellie.
And she LOVES playing with him.

Last night, they were over at his house,
and had been for an hour or so.
Dinner was almost ready so I was getting my shoes on to go get her, when she comes in the door to use the restroom.
I tell her it's time to stay home, cause dinner was almost ready...

And lucifer himself jumped into her body.

It was ugly.

I won't go into details, because I am totally embarrassed by her behavior,
but words like, "stupid" and "hate" were used.
I don't like these words.
She knows not to use these words.
She got in major trouble.
No more boy next door for a week.
She was inconsolable.

I know she is exhausted from school.
And doesn't recognize that.
And that is the reason she turned all exorcist on me last night
But damn.
It was bad.

So she went to bed at 7:30.
Asleep by 7:32.

So what do you think?
Did the punishment fit the crime?
And please tell my your kids do stuff like this.


Shannon said...

My kids have recently become experts on fits! Taylor turns 2 in one week and her new favorite word: nuh-uh! As in, NO. Love it. Also, we are trying to get Jaden off of her afternoon nap routine since school is starting on Tuesday. This has made for some very mean nights! You are not alone!!

MaDro said...

yes... my little bundle of joy, has not been so bundling lately either.. he is nasty, that's what I say.. I know that I don't like it either. I am hoping time will heal and they will learn the importance of this new schedule(school), and go with the flow in a much nicer way... SOON. Times like these keep us on our toes. But bottom line is such... They are the best things that happened in our lives and we wouldn't change a thing.. We gotta love em.. all of them, Good, Bad, and Ugly.... thanks

Lourdes said...

She needs those boundaries. She will thank you for them some day. Boundaries, consistency, love in abundance.....she will love you even more for them someday. You are doing an awesome job1

C. Beth said...

YES, we've had overreactions lately because of SRE (school-related exhaustion.) :) YES, it's normal. YES, your consequence fit the crime. :)

Autumn said...

Um, never...........ha! Of course they are completely irrational at times. You should see when they do it for Shannon. That is a show!I LOVE your punishment. Perfectly fitting. Just stick to it. That is always the hardest for me. We are a day away and I want to give in. I have on rare occasions and always wished it hadn't.

shelley c. said...

Totally reasonable. And you are not at ALL alone. All the nasty words come out when punishments are issued here, too. It's so hard. And sad. And hopefully we'll all get through this stage as unscathed as possible...