Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what i know for sure: school edition

 What I know for sure :
The outfit we choose the night before is never good enough in the morning.
Brushing hair in a hurry is not fun.
She looks so cute in her uniform.
Turning the tv on in the am is counterproductive to getting out the door.
Packing a lunch is going to get old, real fast.
So is cleaning all her containers every day.
Figuring out what days she needs to wear her gym shoes needs at least a degree in rocket science.
 What I know for sure :
Pick up is a freaking nightmare.
The amount of information coming at me is slightly overwhelming.
Market Day could be the death of me.
The pent up energy when she gets home is astonishing.
As is her appetite.
Her unwillingness to share about her day drives me nuts.
I want to know every. little. thing.
My house has never been cleaner.
Uninterrupted "lunch while reading" is very, very nice.
What I know for sure:
This is really happening.
She is in kindergarten.
For real.


Shannon said...

GREAT pictures!

shelley c. said...

Amen. Except for the clean house thing... :) I hate not knowing everything that goes on. I hate knowing that I'm not SUPPOSED to know anymore. But I LOVE who she is turning into. And I love how well you can put what I am feeling into words... :)

Lourdes M said...

Some observations;
1) my mom was uber strict when it came to school clothes, so I let mine wear what they chose - and now they are horified when they look at pictures.
2) She looks v..e..r..y cute in her uniform
3) NEVER turn the TV on in the morning. I never have, they knew no different- and it has served us well.
4) Pakcing luinches and making sure they don't get boring - Agreed- it gets old fast.
5) Let her wear gym shoes every day (she has such cute ones) or get a pair just for that purpose and keep them in her backpack. Little one's backpacks are mostly empty anyway.
6) Pick Up should not be such a nightmare. but i have never seen a school where that is not the fact.
7) Oooooooh, I miss Market Day!
8) One of my girls (Mimi) would share every minutia of her day, every day...it was exhausting! i hope you find a happy balance
9) As soon as mine were in school, as I was fortunate enough to have to work only part time - I began volunteering. 25 years laters, i am still volunteering. It's an awesome hobby.
10 - You Are Blessed - FOR REAL!

Leachia K said...

We are having a LOT of the same issues right now! So fun to read and know others are feeling the same way.

Rose said...

What a lovely post, you are a fantastic writer. I love the black and white photographs they put a smile on my face!

Enjoy washing out those packed lunch tubs :)


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Loved this!!! My daughter just started kindergarten too, though only half day.

I am also mystified about what day my girls need to wear gym shoes.

And you have one of the most adorable headers I've seen!

Lisa said...

I miss Market Day too...yummy stuff!

Toni said...

Turning the TV on IS counterproductive but it's the easiest way for me to get Kid out of bed. He hears Curious George and comes flying out of that bed.

Packing a lunch is SO OLD! I try to be creative (thank you Pinterest) but even then, I get tired of making the same stuff. How is he not tired of eating it?

Me: What did you learn in school today?
Kid: I don't know.

Seriously, WHY do you go to that school?

Ah, Kindergarten!