Friday, September 16, 2011

my fridge and me

I saw this over on lifeingrace and knew immediately I would be copying.
It is basically what your fridge says about you...

So here's what I think my fridge says about me.

1. I buy organic when I can. 
2.  I must throw that frosting away.  Maybe tomorrow.
3.  The season of watermelon and cantalaupe is about over. :(
4.  Yes.  I am hiding Lori's jam.  It's that good.
5.  Chocolate greek yogurt.  Yes please!
6.  Love me some cornmeal mush fried up in the mornings.  I swear, ya'll, I was supposed to be a southern girl.
7.  A fridge without turkey bacon in it is a sad fridge indeed. 
8.  Ellie's been on a yogurt kick lately.  I bought a lot.  Murphy's Law states she will now no longer like yogurt.
9.  I hardly ever use most of the sauces in the door.  They just sit there, neglected.
10.  The chinese leftovers disappeared overnight.  Bigfoot ate it.
11.  You can't see all the cheese on the top left.  There's a bunch.  Mama likes her cheese.
12.  My fridge needs a good cleaning.  I am really surprised I even let you see it.  It's kinda embarrasing.


shelley c. said...

That is a super cool idea. But there is no way in hades that I am going to post a picture of my fridge right now. :)

C. Beth said...

My reactions...

*I <3 you even more for eating frosting out of the tub. It really is so good when you have a huge NEED for sugar.

*Your fridge looks cleaner than mine.

*Oh my goodness, I bought organic milk for a little while until it got CRAZY expensive. I ended up switching back to the good ol'-fashioned nonorganic stuff. A few chemicals are good for my kids, right? ;-)

Toni said...

Frosting out of the tub? Really??? Yay! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! :)

It's funny, my door also holds sauces and such that have been there forever that no one uses. Those things should come in single serving pouches.

Your fridge is cleaner than mine.

Rose said...


I am so pinching this idea, I love it!

Your fridge is full up!!!