Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am busy!
I have over 8 hours of free time and I feel busier and more stressed than ever.
How is that even possible?

I took up a temporary part time job doing some serious manual labor.
It is both dirty and exhausting.
And I am working with a bunch of young guys.
Who keep calling me Ma'am.
I am old!

Plus, Ellie is keeping my busy with her new schedule.
Lunch boxes need to be cleaned out and repacked.
Homework needs to be done.
Nightly baths need to be taken.
(And as a PS, her teacher asked for classroom volunteers, I volunteered. I was thinking it would be a one or two time thing.  Wrong.  It is weekly.  So, I am the new Monday afternoon volunteer.

Plus, I am looking for something full time to do.
Chris gave me strict instructions....
It has to be something I enjoy.
(Isn't he sweet?)
So I am looking for a job, preferably during school hours.
Or even better, from home.
This is very time consuming.
When the world is your oyster,
you quickly realize how many oysters are out there.
And it's a little overwhelming.
So I am looking into this and that.
Checking out some seminars.
 And boning up on things I used to know how to do.

Plus, my standards on my house have triplicated.
I want it clean!
At all times!
This is not happening.
And I am trying not to be such a stickler on it.
But Mama does like a clean house.

My blog has sadly taken a back seat.
But I will be better.

Noonie is doing really well at the moment!
(I can never spell that word, and I am to busy to look it up right now...)
But I do worry so about him.

One more thing.
Since Chris reads my blog...
Will you pretty pretty please with sugar on top watch Survivor with me tonight?

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C. Beth said...


Oh yeah, and all the other stuff is great too; I just got distracted by Survivor. :)

What kind of manual labor are you doing? Hoping you find just the right full-time job...and use some of your earnings to get someone to help with the housecleaning every week or two. <3

Glad your dad is doing well!!