Monday, September 19, 2011


I have the best friends.
They are intelligent and funny.
Gorgeous and kind.
Witty and motivated.
They are wonderful.

If I could wish one thing for Ellie as she gets older,
it would be that she surrounds herself with good girlfriends.
Friends who push her out of her comfort level,
and are always there for her.
Friends she can be silly with,
and say anything to.
Friends who will tell her when she is being unreasonable,
but love her more because of it.
Friends who tell her they love her.

These are the kinds of friends I have.
These are the kind of women they are.
And I am grateful for them.
Every single day.
 Our husbands are pretty cool too.
 Jeff and Megan are getting married.
This makes me happy.
We were celebrating their engagment last night.
It was a fantastic time.
As an added bonus, 2 of the girls brought their teeny tiny babies.
This is little Perry Leo.


Rose said...

That is so beautiful. We all need good friends.

C. Beth said...

Oh, that itty bitty sweet!!

I'm so glad you have such great friends. I just scheduled a blog post for tomorrow about my best friend. It's awesome to have someone (or multiple someones) to really depend on.