Monday, May 11, 2009

tiger who?

We went to watch Nicky P. in a golf tourney on Sunday and had a blast! I got to spend time with family I don't see often and the golf was amazing. Plus I ate a great brunch and got to spend lots and lots of time with my husband. Plus, I got a great walk in.

First and foremost...This is Uncle Wayne, a.k.a Uncle Dudley. Like his hat? His new nickname is EuroWayne.
We had about a 2 hour wait between brunch and golf, so we had a gin tourney. I got third.

The ladies. We did lots of visiting while we watched. It was nice.
The men. Manly men.
Serious observers.

This kid can play. I mean, ismadifheisoverpar play. Such a good time to watch.

Lining up a putt. I vividly remember changing his diaper. Now he is winning golf matches, driving, and about to go to college. Huh? Oh, and he got seriously cute. I have his number if any cute 16-18 year old girls are reading...

All the kids he played with. Nick won his match 4 and 3. I am not even remotely surprised.

Did I mention what a good time I had? I did. I really did.


Paige said...

Wow, what a hottie...and he's sweet too (most of the time, when he is listening to him mommy, that is!!)

Lindy from Indy said...

AWESOME!! Glad you had a good time.

BUT - what's up with Wayne's hat?! Seriously?! HAHAHAHA.