Monday, May 4, 2009

no fear of heights here

We made an impromptu trip home to Indiana this weekend and lo and behold, my old elementary school was having it's carnival. Sweet!

Then I walked in and saw this GIGANTIC inflatable slide and just knew that Ellie was going to want to do it, and that I was going to have to do it too. I didn't think there was any way she could get up it herself. I mean, she couldn't even reach the handles. And once up there, I was sure she would chicken out, because it looked really steep! I mean, it was HIGH!!

I was wrong. She loved it! I spent a lot of money on this slide.

I couldn't get one of her going down, it was too fast! So here is one at the bottom.

Ellie's favorite time down was with Quincy. Thanks Quince!
We also went fishing, did the lollipop pull, walked the cake walk, threw some dimes, and made a hole in one! It was a good time.

ps...It's so weird to see old high school classmates with 2, 3, or even 4 kids! Are we old enough for that??


Molly said...

*raises hand* 3 over here....15 year reunion in a few weeks! ACK!

shelley said...

Julia LOVES that slide at our local moonbounce place!! If you guys ever make it east-ward, I'll take you guys!!!