Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Vacation - Part 3 - After hours

God Bless Ellie and Michael. Those little dearies went to bed every night around 9 and slept through a lot of loud, raucous, adult behavior. Ellie did pop up once around 2 am telling us that we were being really loud. After that we put a towel in the dryer (that was right outside our room) to drown our the noise. We are so classy!

Yeah. We drank A LOT of beer. A LOT. I am not going to post specific numbers (even though we did keep tabs) because it is staggering. Mostly it was Bud Lime, because it is such a good beachy drink. I also drank a lot of girly Mikes, but I am the only one. Every one else was all beer, all the time. Except for the wine and margaritas and gin and tonics. Oh! And the one Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian. Blech.
Most of the beer drinking was due to Caps. For those of you who have never heard of this game, let me explain. There are 2 partners on each team. You sit about 20 feet across from your opponents and take turns throwing quarters, trying to get it in the cups of beer between them. If you do, and they don't counter, they have to drink that beer. First to 5 wins. There are "be a sports" and "supersports" but I won't go in to all that, because I don't think you really care.
Me and my poor partner Julie. I am not a beer chugger, or an anything chugger for that matter, so my partners always got extra drunk because it took me too long to down the beer. They usually just took over. Notice our backboard. A diapers box. Did I mention how classy we are?

Lisa lost. Drink up Lisa!

Chris took my spot. I think Julie was relieved. Chris is a good chugger.

Chris with a quarter on his head. This is obviously towards the end of the night...

Me in a Jones-Pesler sandwich. Just a little cuddle time.

The dudes. Kevin might have lost that game of Caps. He would be the one on the floor.

Surprisingly, no one got unruly. I mean, we are somewhat responsible people, and there were 2 kids to think of. I don't think there were even any terrible hangovers. But boy did we have fun.
We did play other games besides ones that involved drinking. We played euchre, Pit, and Boxers and Briefs.
And then there was the night we were all asleep by 10 pm.

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Molly said...

it begs to be asked....Boxers and Briefs? Please provide a brief synopsis of Boxers and Briefs!