Monday, May 25, 2009

Beach Vaca - Part 2 - Beach Fun!

I noticed in my last post that I didn't mention where we had been. Duh. We went to Holden Beach, NC. This is not the place to go if you want a million things to do. You should go to Myrtle Beach for that. It is really a quiet little beach community and we LOVED it.

Ellie was in hog heaven with the beach. She could have stayed down there all day. We usually went down in the mornings and stayed til nap. And let me tell you, nap she did! What is it about sun and water that makes kids so tuckered?

I was terrified she was going to burn, but besides a small spot on her face I missed the first day, not one single burn. She actually tanned. WTH? I don't tan. I burn and peel. Plus, my skin does not tolerate the sunscreen, salt, sun combo well. I always get splotchy and gross. It is so unfair. So anyhoo, here are some pics of our beach fun.

First step into the sea.

Ellie and Daddy checking out the pool first thing. Seriously, we weren't even unpacked. She just couldn't wait.

Shells! There were tons of shells on the beach. Fun!

Buried alive.

Ellie and Daddy discussing what a terrific and wonderful wife and mother I am.

Must be nap time.

It was 50 degrees for 2 days we were there. 2 flippin' days. Didn't stop us though!

Heading back to the house, freezing.

Climbing a sand dune. Did you know there was a $500 dollar fine for playing on the dunes? This stopped as soon as we learned that little tidbit. We are not beach people. We didn't know the rules!

Ellie watching a little beach bocchi.

Look! Sand!

Looks like nap time again.
A sandy snack.

The beginning of a fantastic sand castle.

I took a few precautions around the pool. She was not pleased. Next on list, swimming lessons.

Every morning there was a huge tide pool that we would play in. This was her favorite.

Slightly afraid of the semi-deep water you had to wade through to get to the tide pool.

Ellie and Daddy racing back to the towels.
Destroying all our hard work.

The ladies on the beach.
Tune in next for all the fun stuff that happened after the kiddies went to bed. It was total shenangins!


Molly said...

why are you the only one fully clothed in that last picture?! :)

Looks like so much fun!

Izz!! <3 said...

Ellie was in her chair.... What did he say it was again i cant remeber Looks like SOO MUCH fun why didnt u shove me in a suit case i kno i would fit well love u anyway!!!

forever folding laundry said...

Looks like fun!! I love a beach where there's nothing to do but relax!


C. Beth said...

This looks fantastic!! Love the comment about Daddy & Ellie talking about you being a fantastic wife and mother. Very funny (and true!) :)

Sorry I've been so behind on blog reading lately!