Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach Vaca - Part 4 - Misc.

So these are the pics that don't fit into any other category...

We stopped at an awesome rest stop. Here is E stretching her legs.

At lunch. I had a fried green tomato blt. I really miss the south.

Giving our best "t-rex" stare. This is the look Ellie gives to scare away T-rex's. We are huge into Land Before Time still.

A carosel ride...on an elephant!

and a seahorse!

Our pet hermit crab, Sandy McCrabster. Poor thing died in the car on our way home from vacation. Didn't even last a week. We had a nice service for him and buried him in the backyard. Ellie now likes to tell everyone she had a crab, but he died.

Love this shot. I like to call it "2 guys, 2 babies, 2 giant beers."

On a walk after dinner. Hello!!

We love each other.

She pooped out.

Having a serious conversation with Jeff on the front porch.

This is why I wanted Megan as the godmother. Would you do this? Neither would I. She rocks at stuff like this.

Family shot at dinner.

Chris channeling his inner pirate (thanks Molly!)

and finally, Ellie totally loopy on the ride home. It was a LLLOOOONNNNGGGG day in the car.

Had a fantastic time. Hard to get back to the daily grind. Miss everyone.


Molly said...

hee hee....AAARRGGHHHH

(cute pics!)

Lindy from Indy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics. I swear, I read your blog to relax. We should really trade places for a week. Dunno about June yet - but I think there may be a day or two in me.

C. Beth said...

I want that front porch. :)