Sunday, April 5, 2009

more fun

I realized that to some who read this blog, it could seem that all we do is play! And we do play...a lot, but why not? She is only little once. Sooner than I think, she isn't going to want to spend time with us (shudder). I know when I read other blogs I tend to forget that I am seeing a pinprick of that persons' life and not the whole picture.

But then I realized that people don't tune in to read about all the laundry I have to do, how many miles we are over in our car lease (A LOT!), how worried I am about the stupid residency requirement the city mandates and how much I want it to go away so we can live wherever we want, or this enormous pimple under my nose. I could blog about those things. Do you think I should?

Until I hear from you, I will blog about our trip to a different zoo yesterday.

E and the kimodo dragon.

E and the lions. She was really rockin' her inner "Farrah" yesterday with those bangs!

E in a play fort.

E and mommy running away from Daddy.

Big bite!

And speaking of play, this is our week.
Today: IX Indoor Amusement Park.
Wed: Dying Easter eggs with Jeff and Megan
Thurs: Date night! Going to a G. Love concert with Jeff and Megan and Jen and Xander.
Fri: Dinner with Becky and Vito and their 2 girls.
Sat: Enzo's birthday party.
Sun: Easter (and Masters Golf tournament action!)
Wowza! Lots to do.
And then in the next 6 weeks, we are going on a beach vacation as a family and then Ellie and I are heading home to Indiana (for the fair of course!!) for a week or more. Holy cow! What recession?


Sschraed said...

Sounds like a fun week to me. The busier the better with a toddler, right?
I like to hear about all the fun you are having. I have enough of the day to day worries in my own life. It's up to you of course but I would rather see more of the good than the ugly :)
It breaks up my work day!

Shannon said...

When you come to Indiana, be sure to take Ellie to the FW Children's Zoo! We have a membership and I take Jaden there every Saturday in the summer. It's SO much fun!