Wednesday, April 8, 2009

looking back

Before I start on my new post...

Shannon, Rebecca and Shelley I need addresses so I can make you something marvelous! You can email me at treeddavis @ yahoo . com. Apparently I only have to make things for 3 people. I guess I lucked out? If anyone else wants in, there are still 2 spots left. You have til the end of today!

As for this post, a few nights ago, I was up in the attic putting some of Ellie's things away and saw my old box of high school stuff. I pulled it down and had a nice evening going through it. I think I am one of the very few people who really enjoyed high school. I look back on it very fondly. But then again, I didn't have any enemies, was relatively well liked, and stayed out of trouble. I can see why people hated it, but I guess I lucked out.

A few of the highlights of the box are:

1. Pictures I had taken when I was 18 (I don't even remember why I had them taken) where I am smokin'! (yes, tooting my own horn here.) The sad thing is, I remember looking at them and being so critical of myself. I want to go back and slap that silly 18 year old and say "you are gorgeous! Enjoy it!"

2. Old love letters. Hysterical! Oh, the drama!

3. A letter I had written to my parents when I was 8 or so, telling them I was running away because I was mad at them. I have no idea why I was mad at them, but apparently I was mad enough to run away. I probably went to Aunt Judy's for Fruitty Pebbles.

4. My old high school tiara from when I was prom princess. That thing is falling apart!

5. A letter from my mother she wrote the summer before my senior year. It basically explained why she wasn't making me get a full time job, but that she was going to spend the summer teaching me how to sew, cook, clean well, and other necessary skills. I remember that summer as pure hell, and as me being a total brat. Again, I wish I could go back and slap that girl silly. Do you have any idea how much I would love those lessons now? I think she got a few recipes in there, but I refused to learn how to sew. I was just too busy. Stupid girl.

6. Senior pictures of all my friends with notes like, "You'll go far" and "Never forget me!" and "We'll be friends forever!" I don't even know where half of those people ended up.

7. I learned that my class rank was 14th. Good, right! Yeah, we had 72 in our graduating class. Not so good now. Chris (yes, we were in the same class! and have been together since then!) was like 4th. Smarty pants.

8. An old calculus test with a 100% on it. I kept it because I studied my brains out for that test. Math is not my thing. I looked at it and it was like a foreign language. Give me an English paper to write, any day. I won't be able to help Ellie with her math homework once she hits, say, the 3rd grade.

9. My old lines from the play I was in Senior year. Fun.

10. The very first picture I ever colored in Kindergarten. It was a puppy and I was a heck of a colorer!

Do you have a box like this at your house? What's in it?


Molly said...

I want something handmade by Tia! I missed that! I'll go comment on the proper post too so I'm not cheating.

I'm so with you about loving HS. I loved it too!!! I have a similar box but you have way cooler stuff in yours! (even though a few of our love letters are from the same guy...HA!)

Shannon said...

I love it!! I absolutely LOVED HS!! I feel a Flashback Friday post coming VERY soon... I have every note written to me since middle school! Now I want to leave work and go diggin'!!

Sheila said...

I loved HS too! I kept a lot of pictures of my old HS buddies but nothing like your collection.

Rebecca said...

I love looking through scrapbooks and things from the past. Day to day, and even year to year I don't think I change, but when I look back on things from high school I'm just like you! . . . some things make me smile and other things I think . ."why was I such a brat!" Oh well, part of growing up.

C. Beth said...

This is a great post! Every so often I do come across a box of high school stuff. Pretty much all attesting to how nerdy I was and how good I was at being nerdy. :)

I LOVE YOU said...