Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dinner for 2

Chris worked late tonight, so it was dinner for 2 at our house.

Where I come from, green beans, potatoes, and smoked sausage (always served with Jiffy cornbread) is a standard meal. Everybody makes it and eats it often. Here in the "big city" no one has ever heard of it and thinks it sounds disgusting. Ellie and I love it. Chris will tolerate it.
I thought you all might be terribly curious about how dinner goes at our house. So, here you go. (Insert sarcasm here.) In all honesty, I have nothing else to blog about...
Getting ready to eat.

Showing me her bite.

Getting closer. For some reason, she always forgets she likes it until she tries it, then she inhales it.

And biting.


Thirsty after all that meat!

A potty break. What? You don't pee right beside your dinner? When you gotta go...

Having a little cornbread. Delish.

and done. That was her second plate.

Here I am staring out the window, not wanting to do the dishes, change clothes, run, shower, fold laundry or scoop the cat box. The only thing I am looking forward to at this point is LOST.

Happy Dinner Time!


Molly said...

LOST!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! Only thing keeping me sane today too! :)

We always had green beans and potatoes too, but with bacon. Sausage sounds good too! (or course, I come from where you come from!) :)

forever folding laundry said...

Looks yummy! Green beans + sausage = gotta be good! I've become so used to Gary not being home for dinner that now I'm having to readjust to cooking for two grownups!

I, too, am a huge Lost fan and was thrilled when I found Jorge Garcia's blog! Check it out:

=) ~Keri

Shannon said...

Definitely going to try it!! Sounds good! Your little girl is too stinkin' cute!!!