Thursday, April 2, 2009

just some fun

It was gorgeous out today so we just played. We met some friends at Chagrin Falls and had a ball.

We started the day with some popcorn.

Then fed some ducks.

Then practiced our balancing.

Then chased Dom.

Then took a walk with the other Ellie...

and shared secrets.
The had a nice relaxing lunch (or not. There were 5 kids and 2 babies there.)

Then had ice cream.

And finally a romantic moment to end the day.

After everyone left, Liz and I were sitting on the benches watching the kids on the playground equipment. Dom was on top of the slide, and all of a sudden, little rivers started rolling down. Someone had to potty! Oops! It was hysterical! Potty training is fun.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

The shared secrets picture could be on a greeting card!! TOO CUTE! I'm jealous of your fun day :o(