Friday, April 17, 2009

guest post from C. Beth Blog!

Earlier this week, a blogger friend of mine asked for help. She needed some guest posters on her blog while she was on vacation. Given the fact that I love this blog, and that she offered to guest post on my blog as well, I jumped at the chance.

You can check out her blog here: C.BETHBLOG!!

I highly recommend you check it out. Her blog is terribly entertaining. My post will be over there sometime next week so be sure to check that out as well (wink wink!!)

So, without further ado, a guest post from C. Beth!

I was looking through Tia's blog, trying to get some inspiration so that I could write a guest blog post for her. I came across a post (link: about the TV show ER.

Now, I have to admit, I'm one of the ones who stopped watching ER a couple of seasons back, when every episode made me consider going on antidepressants. But I'm a pretty big TV junkie. So I thought I'd share with you five of my favorite TV shows (current and from the recent past. ) The list is pretty eclectic. (That's the nice way to say that my taste isn't the most discriminating.) Here we go:

1. Battlestar Galactica (the new series): We don't have the SciFi channel, so we watched this on a combination of DVD, Hulu, and Amazon Video on Demand. It's one of those shows that's hard to describe. I mean, if I say, "Humans are running from a race of robots called Cylons, after the Cylons killed most of the humans," you'll roll your eyes, and say, "Come on, robots gone wild? We've seen this before."

But the show is about so much more than humans and Cylons. It's about relationships, about people being pushed to their limits, about what it actually means to be human. It's dramatic, exciting, romantic, sad, funny...and honestly the best-written, best-made show I've ever watched. It's that good, and whether or not you like science fiction, you should at least watch the first, two-hour movie that opened the series. (It's on Netflix!) If it doesn't hook you, you have my permission to stop watching after that.

And since I like the intellectual stimulation of such a well-written series, it of course makes sense that I'd also like...

2. America's Next Top Model: Okay, let's be honest. Tyra is annoying. None of the winners of this show (which is, like, in its 432nd season, I think) have actually become "top models." It's on the CW network (need I say more?). But darn it if I don't just love watching these catty girls take pictures with weird make up, and crying over their makeovers, and pretending to like some designer's tacky clothes. It's not exactly quality television, but I gotta keep watching.

Speaking of reality TV...

3. Project Runway: Now, I loooooove this show. I still haven't watched Season 4 on DVD, but I know who won because the Internet didn't care I hadn't seen it yet. I'll still love watching it. Wannabe fashion designers are faced with crazy challenges, most of which require them to make actual garments in the amount of time it takes some fashionistas to choose an outfit from their closet. There are some just incredible moments of brilliance...along with the requisite disasters. Top it off Heidi Klum's likeability, Michael Kors' rolling eyes, and Simon Cowell-esque honesty from that one lady from Elle magazine, and you've got reality TV that is, dare I say, actually good television.

4. Wheel of Fortune: Apparently my husband and I are seventysomethings in thirtysomethings' bodies, because most weeknights we make sure to turn on the TV at 6:30 for Wheel of Fortune. And we make a great team! We really should be on one of the partner episodes. We'll both be looking at this puzzle, without much filled in, and suddenly I'll say, "It's something STAIRCASE!" Immediately he chimes in, "WINDING STAIRCASE!" And I dream of the thousands of dollars we'd rake in if we were on the show, not to mention the great vacation we'd win. All the while, my three-year-old daughter Chickie is yelling out suggestions for letters: "D! D!" It's good, family fun.

And speaking of shows Chickie watches...

5. Sid the Science Kid: Chickie likes several of the PBS Kids shows, and this is definitely one of my favorites. They actually make science fun. I also love that Sid's mom is African American, and his dad is Caucasian. I want my kids to grow up seeing that as a normal thing. It's got cute little songs, great animation, and fun characters. This one is a winner.

Unfortunately, I watch enough TV that this post could be a lot longer. But I'll leave it at that. Make sure you catch Battlestar Galactica, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Wheel of Fortune, and Sid the Science Kid...but only if you have time after keeping up with Tia's blog. We must keep our priorities straight!


Shannon said...

"I'm lookin' for my friends, I'm lookin' for you! Hey, there's C.Beth! Show us some of your moves!" Jaden loves Sid, too :o)

C. Beth said...

"Let me show you how I groove! La la woo! La la woo!" :)

Dani said...

HeeHee! I love Sid! My little boy sorta watches it, but since he's only almost two, he really doesn't get it so much. But I watch it anyway. I also noticed that it was interracial and thought that was a great idea. "Rug time!...Everybody move your feet!"

Dan Felstead said...

Sid? I guess I have been out of the loop too child...23 years old. But now you have my interest and I am headed to google. I will return.


Dan Felstead said...

OK...I'm back...I get it now. Boy, graphics have come along way since Howdy Doody...but I hope that Barney has now gone by the wayside...even my son when he was small used to make fun of he still around?

By the way, Tia...very nice blog!


C. Beth said...

Dan--Unfortunately, Barney is still on PBS--but is not NEARLY as omnipresent as he once was (thankfully!)

Mama2Will said...

Sid is Will's favorite too. I love that show just for the reasons you said. And I can't help but sing along as everyone shows how they groove. :)

Bri said...

Barney is my best friend! Lexi LOVED him! Barney has been on our tv since my cousin was born in 95 LoL

Shoot, I forget what I was actually coming to comment on LoL

Oh yah... Wheel of Fortune. I rocked at that show. We used to watch that and Jeopardy every night (DH rocks at that one). I even auditioned for WoF and got a callback but didn't end up making it so I boycotted it and haven't watched but maybe twice since then... and that was like 3yrs ago. You should sign up to be notified when the Wheelmobile will be in your are and maybe you can actually make it.

C. Beth said...

Bri--DUDE, I can sign up for Wheelmobile notification?! I'm there!!! :)

Mama2Will--The music on Sid is so catchy and fun!!