Sunday, March 1, 2009

ski weekend!

Um, yeah. She LOVED it! I mean, wecouldn'tgetheroffthemountain loved it. It was a perfect day to learn to ski. About 45 degrees, and not very busy. But it is much better told in pictures. Plus, there is a short video at the end.

Handsome daddy waiting to go.

Megan and me. Meg did all the hard work! I just got to watch!

Jeff and me.

Megan renting Ellie's equipment.

Jeff trying on her ski boots. She didn't like them, but then again, who does??

Skis are on! in the ski barn at least...

Having some lunch before we get started.

Ellie and Daddy waiting patiently to begin. By this point...she was SOOOO excited!

Snapping them on!

Here we go!

Getting on the lift for the first time!

They're next!

And they're off!

Coming down the mountain for the first time. Ellie immediatly said she wanted to go again!

This pic is blurry because they are WAAAY up there.

Giving Megan's quads a break and not happy about it. Megan is a saint. She was so patient and took Ellie up the mountain so many times. It looked so uncomfortable. We love you Megan!

Down the hill again.

Trying by herself. Pizza!

Near the end of the day.

About 12 seconds after we got back to the lodge.

Going by herself!

Tomorrow tune in for all the non ski-related fun that happened.
Thanks again to Jeff and Megan. We had a ball and you two are awesome!


themommytimesfour said...

Looks like so much fun! She looks like she had a blast.

Molly said...

how fun!!!! the picture of you with her asleep is gorgeous! It needs to be framed!!!!!!!

Sheila said...

Those pictures are great and I loved the video. I love the black and white cute. I'm so glad she had so much fun.