Wednesday, March 11, 2009

boo boo elephant, STAT!

So, we have this little elephant we keep in the freezer for boo boo emergencies.

We had an emergency today.

We were sitting on the front steps using sidewalk chalk (we like to leave messages for the mailman) and Ellie fell face first onto the concrete from the second step.

I can still hear that horrible thud.

I expected missing teeth, a bloody something, and a concussion.

My heart stopped for at least 5 minutes.

I even called the doctor, who kindly told me what to look for, which Ellie had none of.

Kids are resiliant.

Offically the worst. mother. ever.


Molly said...

awwww, poor Ellie!! I like boo boo elephant....we have an ouch mouse!

C. Beth said...

Oh, poor kiddo!! Definitely not a bad mommy. Now, if you'd like to give me that title for not catching Chickie in time before she fell off the kitchen table last week, I'll take it. (Though I'm sure the CT scan bill will be punishment enough....)

I hope her head is all better soon!!

shelley said...

Aaawww, poor Ellie and poor mommy! If it's anything like in this house, she was probably over it long before you were! And you're DEFINITELY not a bad mommy. TOTAL accident. (((hugs))) to both of you!!

Rick said...

Ouch!!! You're not a bad mother. Our oldest knocked her two front teeth out riding her bike. Now that was an OUCH!!!