Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a sunny day

It was so nice out today. We spent the whole morning outside. The park is finally open (we totally lied to Ellie and told her the park was closed over the winter, you do this too, right? Outright lie to your kids??) so we headed down there to play.

We swung.

We slid.

We pulled the wagon home.

We chalked.

We lunched. I had a bite to make sure it wasn't poisionous. It wasn't.

We soaked up the sun.

We ran.

We funny faced.

We kissed.

What a good day! Happy St. Patricks Day!


Shannon said...

I am so JEALOUS!!! We have had a beautiful day today too and I would love to play outside with Jaden but I am stuck in an AIR CONDITIONED (already?!?!) office with no windows. Blah...

Kara said...

Funny, the playground just reopened for the season in our area, too, after being "closed" all winter ;-)

Molly said...

huh, that's odd....our park is STILL closed. Doesn't open until the first official day of Spring...or until Mommy feels like trucking all the way over there wtih 3 kids.

Lucky Ellie!! (glad she can't communicate that to the Day kids!) HA