Thursday, December 18, 2008

let the holiday begin!!

7 days before Christmas and I am DONE! The presents are wrapped. The cards are sent. The cookies are baked. The house is clean(ish). Let the fun begin!

It's starts with a pancake snowman.

Thanks mom!

Then presents with friends.

It's a tool box! My friend Jen was so mad at me. She has 2 boys and loves to buy girly stuff and when she asked what Ellie might like for Christmas I said a toolbox (like her son has, because that is what she plays with EVERYTIME we go over there.) So she missed her opportunity to buy girl stuff. Sorry Jen! She loves it though!

Some fingerpainting. It started out nice and neat.

But ended a little differently.

Dinner with our dear friends Jeff and Megan, who are also Ellie's godparents. We had Chinese food. Just like in A Christmas Story. I think it should be a tradition.

More presents!

Ellie got a Merry Christmas Crown (and decided on her own that the tutu needed to be worn too!) They also got her (us) a membership to the Science Center. How cool is that? They are definitely 2 of our favorite people. You can read more about them HERE. Love you guys!

We are going to be all partied out by the time Christmas is over. Bring it on!!


Sheila said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. My daughter likes tools as well.

Chelsea C. said...

I'm so jealous! I still have shopping, wrapping, AND carding to do!! I'm so behind this year!

C. Beth said...

You are way too adorable with your snowman pancakes! Such a great idea--I may steal it!

Sheryl said...

I can't wait until she's here for Christmas! I think there was a little friendly competition between Mark/Amber and I to see who could get her the best present :)