Tuesday, December 9, 2008

riddle me this

Ellie and I were at Target yesterday and she was playing in the toy section. All the "special anniversary" Cabbage Patch kids were there so I started looking at the names. I love to see what they name these poor dolls. They are always so funny. The ones I had growing up were named:

Stefanie Kathleen and Dolly Belva

Not too bad I guess. This poor little doll I saw yesterday had the worst name ever. Her poor name was:

Randi Fanny

I am not even kidding. Apparently she is either a stripper or a hooker when she is not a cute little doll. I kept looking at it, sure I was reading it wrong, but that was really her name. Poor thing.

How in the world did a name like that escape the company? Or maybe I am the only one who sees the wrongness of the name? Or the humor??


Molly said...

haha...yes, I wonder if they thought they could never ever duplicate a name ever so they had to start coming up with things like "Fanny" and "Belva"

What a good memory you have, I can't remember what my doll's names were. I'm thinking Oliver something was the boy but I can't remember the others.

Too funny.

forever folding laundry said...

Seriously!??!? That is pretty funny. I look at those CPK every time we're in the toy aisle at Target and I'm always sooooo tempted to buy one for my daughter! They really bring me back to the early 80's! =)

Chris Bowers said...

That is a terrible name.

C. Beth said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!