Thursday, December 4, 2008


I decided to not let Ellie nap today so she would go to bed early. Does that make me a bad mommy? If so, too bad.

So to keep her occupied,we went out and about and these are some of the things I saw. I am not making them up. Seriously.

-Some idiot completely drive over the curb. On purpose. He was parked and just got in his car and drove over the curb instead of backing out.
-A lady at Target walking around with an open bag of dog food. A snack perhaps?
-A guy filling up his car with gas in SHORT running shorts. I mean, if I looked close enough I might have seen some business. I didn't look. Ew!
-An entire table of men at Chipolte checked me out. I still have it! Or I had a booger. One or the other. And I was with Ellie and Chris!
-Another lady at Target with at least 40 bottles of wine in her cart. She must have a lot of hostess gifts to give.
-A dad trying coats on his 4ish year old daughter, trying to decide which was cuter. So sweet!

It was interesting. I am currently paying for the no nap. E is testy!


Chris said...

Yeah, the table of guys did not stay long after the surly I'm going to beat you into next week look I gave them! You still got it babe.

C. Beth said...

Aww--sweet comment from Chris! Fun post! :-D

Chris Bowers said...

We have utilized the "no-nap" tactic on several occasions. It does tend to back-fire though.

Very funny post!

Lindy from Indy said...

I love reading your posts too!!

If you thinking Ms. Huffman is a weird would truly be shocked as to who I "hang out" with!! Everyone's moms....weird.


Thanks for reading! Makes me feel like spending the time on them isn't a waste!

Sheila said...

The wine thing wouldn't surprise me, since that is normal here in Holland.

The other stuff....haha.

My daughter takes naps sometimes, and then she usually doesn't go to bed until real late. Unless she is being a real pain in the butt, then I usually try to get her to take a nap.