Sunday, November 9, 2008

top 5 fave movies of all time

Just for fun I thought I would do a countdown of my top 5 favorite movies and lines that Chris and I constantly use from these movies.

Number 5 - Nothing to Lose

If you haven't seen this movie, you are really missing out. Funniest movie I have ever seen.

Lines used :
"You must be fast" - used when (obviously) one of us surprises the other with our quickness
"There's a spider on your head" - used just when we need a laugh. It pops up on occasion out of nowhere. There are actually swear words in the line but in keeping with my family friend blog...

Number 4 - A League of Their Own

Awesome movie. I laugh and cry at the same time during this movie.

Lines used:
"There's no crying in baseball" - used with Ellie a lot when she is crying for no apparent reason.
"Avoid the Clap, Jimmy Dugan" - again, used just to make ourselves laugh.
Gestures used:
furious finger motions - used with Ellie to make her laugh, or when we need the other one NOW...see below

Number 3 - Armageddon

It doesn't hurt that a HOT Ben Affleck is in this one.

Lines used:
"what are you doing with a gun in space" - used when we don't know why the other person is doing what they are doing.
"this is a surrealistic nightmare" - used anytime something is going wrong.

Number 2 - Braveheart

I didn't really know what this movie was about when we went to go see it and I was crying so hard at the end that people were turning and looking at me. Chris was so embarrased.

Lines used:
"He wasn't right in the head" - by the crazy Irishman - used (in an Irish accent) when ever someone does something completely stupid. We tend to save this one for strangers, like the idiot who pulls out in front of us, or the waiter who gets our order wrong.
"I love ya, always have, always will" - used (in a scottish accent) when we need to express our undying love for one another. See below. Blush.

And finally, my favorite movie of all time - Number 1 - Forrest Gump

I mean seriously. Is any explanation even needed? Apparently I do a good Forrest Gump. I can put my family in hysterics. Next time you see me, ask me to do it!
Lines used:
"I was running!" - used whenever one of us is in a hurry or sees the other one running
"I must have drank me 16 Dr. Peppers" - used whenever one has to pee
"Those look like comfortable shoes" - obvious
"Something bit me" - used when we get hurt
"Run Forrest Run!!" - used when we need the other to hurry
"Cough due cold" - used when we don't feel good, as in, "I have a cough due cold"
"I went to the White House, again, to meet the President of the United States, again" - used when we are doing something we have done 3 million times before, like change a diaper
So there you have it. My favorites. Best movies of all time.


C. Beth said...

I added "Nothing to Lose" to our Netflix queue!

Molly said...

haha....we use a lot of those too....especially the no crying in baseball and the Forrest Gump running quote. Too funny!!! I was laughing out loud at a few of those! (especially picturing the 2 of you saying the line in an Irish accent!)

Megan said...

I am laughing just thinking of your impression. you really do have a talent for impersonating forest!

Lindy from Indy said...

I think this is the best blog I have ever read!! The movie breakdown - classic! Thanks for stopping by my blog...great to hear from you! Mitch says HI back!