Sunday, November 30, 2008

a fun and COLD day

Chris and I got to go see our fave football team play today. It was great! And COLD! It was about 33 degrees and raining. Our favorite team happened to play in our hometown so we were rooting for the "opponents." That is always slightly scary. We even dressed in our Blue! And here, the peeps love their sports teams. We got some good natured teasing but nothing too serious. We were called "assholes" once. But he was kidding, I think.

This is a picture from our seats. Not bad! And they were free company tickets. Bonus!

Peyton in the huddle!

Me and my baby. We were surrounded by orange!

What's a football game without beer? Look at Chris rubbing his hands in anticipation. They were only $7 each. Gasp.
And the final score. We never play the Browns well. Oh well. We won anyway!

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