Wednesday, November 12, 2008

she did what?

My kid. God. Bless. America. I hope that someday all this headstrongness and stubborness pay off and she is running some company or something because right now, she is driving me bananas.

Her new favorite phrase is "Stop doing that!" Usually screamed. She says it when I am doing something she would rather I not be doing, such as changing poopy pants or trying to corral her mop of hair. She puts her little hand out and says "Stop doing that!" This I could handle. I understand it is her way of trying to assert herself, blah, blah, blah.

Then the other night, she was sitting in her chair, reading stories and it was time for bed. I gave her a 5 minute warning, then read 2 books to her (with me on the floor and her in the chair!) and picked her up to put her in bed. Again, "Stop doing that!" but this time as she said it, she HIT me on the head. HIT ME. At first I was stunned. Then I was crushed. Then I was MAD. I wasn't sure how to handle it. I let her know, in no uncertain terms, that hitting was NOT ok and how much she hurt Mommy's feelings. I grabbed her little hand and held it firmly during this conversation. She looked scared and I felt bad. She apologized and went to bed. Did I handle it right? I have no idea. The fact that it was bedtime made it difficult to determine if it was just tiredness or something more.

It was something more. Since then she has hit me one more time (at gymnastics in front of other mothers, how embarrasing!!) when I made her get off the trampoline. This time I again grabbed her hand, whispering furiously in her ear how that, again, is NOT ok and put her in a time-out in a corner. Of gymnastics. In front of other mothers. Did I mention it was the first class and that now she is going to be known as the kid who hits. When she really isn't the kid who hits. She is just frustrated because she wanted to jump longer and it was time to go. Hitting is, apparently, her new way of asserting herself. Must nip this in the bud immediately.

Any suggestions??

This mother stuff is hard.


bracelet1 said...

Hello teri,here you handled it perfectly you were there for her you dealt with her and your still there for her dont sweat the details handling it is handling it correctly not handling it is incorrect again exactly how theres no wrong way short of beating and humiliation I'm pretty sure those are im a father 2 teenagers right there for them.that makes me right..good luck enjoy all of it

C. Beth said...

We went through the hitting thing some time ago--it's very hard! Just do what you're doing and stay consistent. Chickie grew out of it. :) So sorry!

Sheila said...

Loretta has started doing that too, and I handled it the same way you have. So I say you did a good job. ;)

Sschraed said...

Yes..I agree with the others. I have been going through this as well and I did the same thing you did. It's frustrating because you aren't sure if you are getting the point across to them since they are 2 but they will get it in time :) Good luck but remember you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing...who cares what the other parents think!..nearly every mom has had this experience with their child, trust me, I've enforced punishments in public, too!

Lyndsay said...

LOL ... I don't have any advice, but Kate's new favorite is "Stop talking mom."

Lovely, just lovely!