Sunday, June 1, 2008

i said what? she said what?

Sentences that have actually come out of my mouth the last few weeks...

1. Cheese is not a crayon.
2. Don't pinch Mommy's bottom.
3. Stop drinking the bathwater. It is yucky!
4. Poop does not go on the wall.
5. I know Meow (our cat) has a pink butt.
6. Dora loves broccoli!
7. Rocks don't go to bed.
8. Here, give mommy your booger.
9. Sunshine cream (sunscreen) is not for eating.
10. Eat one more french fry and you can get down. (This coming from the mother that wasn't going to give her kid fries EVER!)

Funny things Ellie has said the last few weeks...

1. It's my hair. Don't touch it!
2. Come on guys! Apparently Mommy and Daddy are now "guys."
3. Kiss my butt. (She had a boo boo on it.)
4. Howler monkeys go "ooo ooo ahh ahh"
5. Mommy, I eat bubbles!
6. I has yellow hair.
7. I love my rock.
8. I needs a bath. I am stinky!
9. I see a car far away. I think I need my telescope. (This one blew me away!)
10. I need to get my poop out.

Life with a toddler is great. She is so much fun!

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Carol Beth said...

Oh, man, I am SO with you....

But in our house #1 is opposite for us...we have a problem with her treating crayons like cheese. She loves to eat crayons and everything else. One day she'll get out of that oral phase. One day.