Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my favorite day

Every year Paige invites me to her guest day at the country club. I love it. It is the one day a year that I have Paige all to myself and we just visit, and golf, and gossip, and golf. I love it even more now that I don't get to play as often.

I should first mention that this place is GORGEOUS and you are treated like a queen here. I should also mention that you have to dress to play here. And I mean dress!! I wore heels to a golf course (to wear before and after of course)! I should also mention that the majority of these ladies are hoity-toity and have way too much time and money on their hands. I love to just listen to the conversations around me..."we can't decide where to vacation, the south of France or an African safari, what do you think?" Boy would I like to have tough decisions like that.

We start out with a nice breakfast of fresh muffins and some kind of eggy souffle thing. Delish. Then we head to our carts to start our round. How they remember my clubs and what cart they go on is amazing. I am sure they have some kind of system, but it sure is classy the way everything is taken care of for you.

They you go play your round. The course is hard. Almost too hard for a girl that plays 3 times a year these days. I struggled a lot but hit some good putts and did help my team. Along they way they have little refreshment stations set up for you with drinks and snacky stuff. Awesome.

Then you go have your "ladies lunch"on the patio and see who wins and have a raffle. Every year they give everyone a gift for attending. This year it was a cashmere pashmina. Ho hum. HA! This thing is awesome. Don't know if I will ever wear it but it sure is pretty.

Due to handicapping (to those non golfers reading, it is a system to make the game fair), our team came in second at -17. We won golf shoes! Of course I had just bought brand new golf shoes but it is still an awesome prize. I think I am gonna try and sell mine on Craigslist. Trashy? I don't know...

So another guest day has come and gone. My one day of the year to pretend I am filthy rich is over. It was fun.

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