Thursday, April 26, 2012


Saturday, after Ellie's tea party, I was upstairs blogging and Chris was downstairs doing whatever it is that he does on his laptop.

I had just typed the sentence about being fiercly protective of her as she headed downstairs for something.
I heard a thud, another thud, an OHMYGOD!, silence, then screaming.

She had fallen headfirst down the stairs, from nearly the top.

I seriously sat here for a second, not wanting to know how bad it was.
When I worked up the courage to get up and look, she was sitting at the bottom of the steps, holding her head.
She fell this far:

Chris was right there.
The look on his face scared me the most, cause he had witnessed the fall.
He was white as a sheet and visibly shaking.

When she calmed down, we checked her out.
She could move everything.
Nothing really hurt, except her head and her wrist.
She had not a mark on her, with the exception of a small abrasion on her head.

I called Ken, he's our "go to" for medical crisis' and then called Nurse on Call.
Due to the length of the fall, we decided to take her to the ER.

It was a quick trip.
She checked out ok. 
But they were hesitant to do a ct scan on her because of all the radiation, blah blah blah.
We were sent home with instructions to wake her up every 2 hours to check on her, make sure she was coherent, not bleeding from ears or nose, etc...

She was asleep by 8.
Checked on her at 10. Fine.
Checked on her at 12.  Nose was bleeding.
Slight heart attack.
Texted Ken, who basically said, take her back in you idiots!

So off we went again.
So at 12:09, as she officially turned 6, we were in the car headed back to the ER.
This time there was pain in her belly as well.
So she got not one, but two ct scans.
Thankfully, all came back well.
No bleeds anywhere.
She was back in her bed, asleep, by 2:30.

She woke up on Sunday, her birthday, totally fine.
Not even sore anywhere.
Kids are resilient.
We proceded as planned.
Breakfast out.
Totally fine.

I think we got extremely lucky.
We dodged a serious bullet.
Or my mama was right there.
One or the other.

I don't think Chris will ever be the same.


C. Beth said...

SO scary!!! I'm so glad she's okay!!

fleetfeet said...

Oh. My. Goodness. So glad she is okay.

shelley c. said...

I can only imagine how terrifying that was. Thank goodness she is fine and that she wound up having a great birthday. Please give her a hug for me!! (and one for you, too, mama!!)

Shannon said...

We had the same deal with Taylor a couple of months ago. SO SCARY! I was the one downstairs watching her fall. You are right though, kids are SO TOUGH! Glad to hear sweet girl is ok! Good luck with your party tomorrow! We'll be having all 5 million of our family over on Sunday for J's party. Take care :o)