Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the little things

I am in a weird transition.

I still want to be home for Ellie.  But don't.
I'm a little bored with her gone all day but am being extremely picky with my job search.

I am busy with birthday and life stuff.
And just a titch stressed about how it will all end up.

Should I do something that is not my passion but pays well?
Or should I stick to what I love and make less money?
Or can both be achieved?
Can I find exactly what I want and still be at home?

Tricky stuff.

I have found that I have been hurrying and bustling around too much lately.
So over the last few days I have been refocusing on the little things.

Things like:
Flowers in the bathroom.
And taking the time to let her tie her shoes, even though we were running a little late.
She is so close.
 And making the effort to do something good for my body in a pretty place.
ps. the lunges i did yesterday are making their presence known.  my butt muscles are screaming.
 Coloring at the doctor.  And noticing how grown up she is getting.
 Savoring the flavors of the blueberries in my morning oats.
And lingering over my 2nd or 4th cup of coffee.  Because, right now, I can.
 Making a little extra effort for the food for a jewelry party I threw for a friend.
It was all worth it.
And was one of the reasons I was doing extra lunges...
 Taking a picture of her messy morning bed, cause one day she is not going to have 300 stuffed animals, kids books, or loveys in it.
 A nice clean sun room.
I opened this room up for the jewelry party, and wowza.
It had a rough winter.
It is not even remotely weather proofed and all manner of bugs and such get in there.
This year, there was even some fun mold growing from our warmer than usual winter.
Murphy's Oil Soap and straight bleach saved the day.
It is all nice and bright in there now.
I am also enjoying a good book with another on it's way.
(Have you read Fifty Shades of Gray?  It is on its way to my doorstep and is, apparently, um, very hard to put down.)
I am enjoying a clean house and sunshine.
And looking forward to another fun weekend.
And a possible daytime date with my guy.

It's the little things people.
Enjoy them.

1 comment:

Amber said...

If you find that job that you love AND let's you stay home...please feel free to share it with your sister-in-law and her ever growing belly.

Also, let me know how you like Fifty Shades of Gray. I'm possibly joining a new book club and would love to have something recommend.

And finally...enjoy it all while you can cause lord knows that kid seems to grow a foot and at least 2 years for every birthday she has :)