Friday, March 30, 2012

what i know for sure - being sick edition

In all our years, Chris and I have never been sick at the same time.
We decided, on Ellie's first ever Spring Break, we would end that tradition.
He was worse than me.  Fever and such.
I just had a horrid head cold with body aches and a nasty cough.
Here is now
"What I know for sure about being sick."

1.  You will wonder which is worse, being the really sick one (him) or being the one who feels just a titch better, so therefore has to handle everything.
2.  You will want to cry when your kid asks you to play with her.
3.  Your laundry back-up will get absurd.
4.  Your house will be strewn with Polly Pockets and crayons.
5.  You won't care.
 6.  You will think that sitting in the sun will feel good.
7.  It will only make you sweaty and irratable.
8.  Popscicles will become your friend.
9.  As will night-time medicine.
10.  You will sleep in the basement so you don't disturb your husband with your hacking and restlessness.
11.  You will get no sleep.
 12.  You will feel incredible guilty, that while down in the basement, you can hear your kid making her own breakfast.
13.  And you still won't have the wherewithall to get up and help her.
14.  You will listen to her read to the cat and get weepy.
15.  You will go to the store for more cough drops and sprite and nearly pass out from the exertion.
16.  You will have a tiff with your husband when the power goes out and you can't get out of the garage to go to the doctor, and where is the damn garage key?
17.  You will be extra thankful for friends who come and whisk your kid away for a sleepover.
18.  You will watch an inspirational movie and cry all the way through it, cause you're all drugged up.
19.  You will go to bed at 8:15.
20.  You will have weird drug induced dreams.
21.  You will wake up on day 4, feeling better, and wondering what the heck happened to the last week.
22.  You will convince yourself that the "chapped nose from all that blowing" look is hardly noticable.  Hardly noticable at all.
23.  You will look around your disasterous house, think about tiding up, then decide to pick your kid up from her sleepover and give her a fun day, cause, she was a trooper through the sickness.

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C. Beth said...

Wow, I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that!! I don't think we've been truly sick at the same time either, at least not since having kids. I'd prefer not to reach that milestone at all....